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June 25, 2009 at 5:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey Hey!

some randomness is in order today i think. it will be the tales of my travel to the shops this morning. quick observation: so far i have only written on this blog when I’ve had coffee, coincidence? ūüėõ

so, yeah, i went to the shops, woohoo! watch out, i left the house. i needed to buy a new heater because the motor in the other one was burning out, it isn’t a nice smell let me tell you! plus i had to drop my sister at work. So we went, after i¬†decided an apple was enough for breakfast.¬†

at the shops i was amused to find the water was back in the fountainy water feature thing. it had been off because of water restrictions. it was a bit dangerous and¬†several unsuccessful attempts were made to fence it off. the children, and no doubt late nite skaters and assorted other hoodlums, had plenty of fun in that empty fountain. sadly, the dams have technically reached 70% or whatever and they no longer have their play ground ūüė¶

my second discovery was the existence of a Leyland brothers DVD. for those who don’t know (and i barely know myself) they are some guys who had a show going around Australia and filming it to show audience places to go, i guess its kinda like a cross between Malcolm Douglas and getaway. anyway, they were a bit laughable from what i understand. and now¬†they have a DVD selling in a major retailer ūüėĮ i really would love to know who buys some of this stuff.

but my quest was for a heater. now you would think, being winter, various stores would stock up on them for all the people who go to pull out their heater and find it has died (who, me?) but no. i went¬† to 3 different stores and they all had¬†the tiniest little section tucked away for them.¬†heaters! none! in winter! are they all crazy! i¬†didnt want to be¬†cold so i bought¬†one that seemed the best. i still havent¬†tried it yet. i will need to know later…¬†

So,¬†I had mild success! i had a heater! unfortunately i also had to carry it. those new environmentally friendly bags have such horrible handles! they dig into your hand as soon as you get them! good for the environment and all blah blah bla, but they need to fix that somehow ūüė° It must have been about this time i began to look¬†painfully awkward¬†to other shoppers. i also had my lunch, bought from my lovely sister (who made a good coffee!), bread and I had to deal with¬†my handbag falling off my shoulder approximately every¬†3 seconds! there was no doubt it would only be a matter of time before something fell to the ground. there was only one way to avoid this. Home time!

the last beautiful thing i saw was as i drove home. I was on the 80km stretch behind a bus doing 70, it didn’t bother me because i wasn’t in a rush. so i follow along thinking ‘typical bus, cant make the speed limit, oh well, nothing i can do to make it faster’, when it merges into the faster lane. it turned out it was¬†the quite new looking Suzuki something or¬†other that was holding it up. a new car, holding up a bus,¬†isn’t that just crazy.

so that was my¬†morning ūüôā now i must go and do, other things, whatever they are, meh

thanks for reading!



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