More days, including Dreamworld!

July 3, 2009 at 6:35 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I have had a big couple of days. I wanted to do a proper, detailed thing but I think i’ll run out of time.

first off; Dreamworld monday 

log ride first, it was fun, got wet and took forever to dry because i was in jeans. one guy got his phone wet, but it seemed like it could be saved.  

i finally went on the tower of terror. it was strange, the initial push was bad, then i got used to it and opened my eyes, then we went upo and it just felt like taking off in a plane, which was enough to think about it at the time. i also had time to realies we were about to fall back and scream “dont go back” a few times. we were almost tiger chow, they had t use the air brakes cos the other brakes failed! and after, the biggest shakey thing was in the back of my neck, it didnt resolve enough either. i guess i could do it again but its not something i enjoyed. oh and we all felt sick after and went to hav lunch. 

Lou and i got our faces painted, it was so good, the girl did such a good job, and she seemed like a pretty cool persone herself. unfortunately her helper wasnt the best, nice too but not in a fairylike way. more like a bummed out teen.      

i got wet again on the rapid ride, which i love, and my bag, that didnt leak in the log ride, had a tiny leak. it was major thankfully.  

my final ride was the mike doohan one. it was alright too, but too short and too hard to find the line.  

then we went to see tranfromers and hyear one. at the end of it, just before the big battle, the projector broke. which really helped at the movie when it got cold. but the dew fell at night too. it was really cold 😦  

other highlights of the week; i voted in the  hottest 100. i shouldnt have left it too late because my list isnt perfect at all. it was so hard, and not as diverse as i would have liked.

the list is:

1. Golden Brown – The Stranglers
. Take 5 – Dave Brubeck Quartet
. Wonderwall – Oasis
. I’m all for believing – Missy Higgins
. I wish that I was beautiful for you – Darren Hanlon
. Gorecki – Lamb
. This mess we’re in – Thom Yorke and PJ Harvey
. Jesus was way cool – King Missile
. Another one bites the dust – Queen
. Ch-check it out – Beastie Boys

then i got over excited at Fun in the Parks (google it) because we have new songs! we havent had new ones since i started 4 years ago! later that day i got even more excited because one of the songs was from Lift Off, an ABC kids show from the 90’s! please google if you don’t know/remember. i even had tears of joy.   

and today i had a lovely coffee with a friend i hadnt seen for a while.

and theres the call for dinner, i shall edit this with proper spelling etc later. i believe i can do that, if not, i hope you enoyed this mish mash and could understand some of it

Thanks for reading



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