October 7, 2009 at 1:23 pm (Uncategorized)

hello again

ok, so, a proper update of the news from my last post, he did break up with me. so there you go. i wont go into it because its private and too close right now. one thing that has caught my attention during this time is the amount of natural disasters and phenomenon during this time. i will do i quick timeline for you.  

23 sept – a huge dust storm engulfs Sydney and Brisbane. the night before this he told me his feelings had changed, although he wasnt sure what to do about this yet. 

26 sept – the night the second dust storm rolled through Brisbane. also, the first typhoon hits the Philippines. i saw him but we decided neither of us were ready for his decision.  

29 sept — earthquake triggers a tsunami in Samoa and surrounding areas.

30 sept – a 3rd dust storm was predicted. it didnt happen. what did happen was another earthquake in Samoa and the devestating earthquake in indonesia. he told me he had decided we should be together anymore.

and finally 1 oct – another earthquake hits indonesia.

now, my mind can make some strange connections between things at the best of times, and now is not the best of times. it has 3 possibilities:

1. the world is reacting violently to the break up because he got it wrong

2. the world is reacting violently to the break up because it is responding to my pain

3. God has timed it to tell me not to be so upset/in pain etc because things can be worse.

i am at a stage in the break up where im kinda having a tantrum. i keep looking back a bit and thinking, ‘why, it was so good’ while knowing that it shouldnt happen again and i have many good reasons why not. but i want it, wahh! 😥 so i want it to be number one because it justifies me but know more like number three.

ugh, but the links i see are mostly imagined. despite whatever comfort i wish to draw from them. my life is not book with themes and plots that can be analysed so nicely. i must stop treating my life like that. i must avoid turning it into the Sims too.    

Thanks for reading



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