Freaky songs 1

October 8, 2009 at 2:28 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

hey there!

this is the first post about things that freak me. in particular, this post will be about a film clip that creeps me out sooo much. this will also be my first post in which i will attempt to imbed (is that the word?) a video! so bear with me.

the song in question is called ‘transdermal celebrations’ by ween. it is a beautiful song, and the meaning is debated. from what i understand from my brief google search its apocalyptic, or an acid trip, or (my fav suggestion) the crazy dreams that nicotine patches give you.  it has that atonal crunch in the verses that resolves so nicely to a smooth chorus. and it just sounds melancholy, i am such a sucker for melancholy.  that sound makes me i feel like i could close my eyes and cry, just cry, not about anything, just let it come.  i would love to do that so much. but i cant.

but, the film clip is the thing that grabs my core and gently threatens to rip it out.

natural disasters are kinda expected, there is a certain amount of big events you can perceive happening, but becoming a tree? and something humanity cant win? and bringing that feeling down to a personal level through an individual character? too much for my mind!

hope u enjoyed that 🙂



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