Some Stuff Happened

March 30, 2010 at 9:07 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Hey hey!

So I finally finished my assignment and handed it in finally šŸ™‚ it sucked, really bad, way under word limit, but in. Proquest is annoying tho. I sent myself some articles on friday but only got them monday morning. it’s email! it doesn’t wait for the weekend. it was too late once I got them.

unfortunately, due to exam stress and eating yeast (im allergic to yeast mum bought pizza friday, why is it so tasty) I have now come out in an itchy rash on one leg šŸ˜¦ it’s so annoying!! and just on one leg!

the rpm garage is almost finished, just working out rooms. None of the shots really show the upper levels well so I mostly had to guess. screen shots are on their way! soon I promise.

does anyone remember “My best friend is an alien” otherwise known as “I was a sixth grade alien”. I cant find any footage to post, but Michael Cera is in it. I wanted to do a comparison, it would be so funny šŸ™‚ he’s grown so much.

well, better go, stuff to do. not much else to say, cya



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March 25, 2010 at 10:19 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Hey everyone!

I’m going quite insane! I am going to fail to submit a crucial assignment… on time! I’ll do it still, just not on time. What a start for my first assessmentĀ piece. And where am I? On my blog O.o great use of time huh.

But such is the nature of my alter ego, Fail!Sarah.

IĀ have been working on theĀ RPM sims and listening to the epic podcasts by “no pink spandex”. They’re good, IĀ like ’em, but the go for ages! But, in that time I have worked out the garage layout fromĀ RPM footage and started to build it on sims. Bit proud of that, not of the time it took tho šŸ˜¦

But why! Why this disobedience? Why this self-destruction? Why do IĀ let myself do this? It’s soĀ annoying! IĀ am contradicting everything I know to do! grr *sigh* IĀ think I will give up on finishing before the deadline.

Just to get it out of my head IĀ will tell you something IĀ realised a little while ago.Ā Not sure ifĀ I’ve said it yet. To start, and this is disgusting, don’tĀ say IĀ didn’tĀ warn you, IĀ have hadĀ a problem withĀ picking pimples. Before thatĀ IĀ had a problemĀ scratching flea bites. IĀ didn’tĀ make the connection till recently, but it pretty much theĀ same thing!Ā Ā I didn’tĀ think there was a connection,Ā I thoughtĀ I managed to stop scratching, but turns outĀ I never stopped!Ā I want to stop but idkĀ how šŸ˜¦

And nowĀ IĀ get distracted byĀ the eleventh doctor promo!Ā grr, ok,Ā I have to get back to work. I’mĀ  going to try to use Dr K as inspiration to keep going. See how that works.



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2 Projects of Differing Importance

March 22, 2010 at 8:34 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Hey again,

I won’t be long, not too much to say today, working on 2 ‘projects’. As I eluded to in the title, they are quite different; one is a uni assignment, the other is beginning another Sims 3 theme game. And guess where I’ve been spending my time! I’ll tell you a bit about each project.

The assignment, 50% history one. Thats all I can say, because I have been really slack, as usual.
The themed game (which will be one of many) is Power Rangers RPM. The community will include 3 houses. The Rangers will be in the active house with Dr K. Colonal Truman and his 2 helpers will be in another. The final house will have Venjix, Tenaya, the 3 general and a grinder. I am very excited about it, but it’s taking more time than I have. I will add pics and details when I can.

But as I said, I must go, I don’t have time to write that much šŸ˜¦

I will write again tomorrow night.


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Freaky Music 2 plus other stuff

March 21, 2010 at 3:07 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Ha Ha!

I’m back! kinda.

First off, as the title suggests, I have another song that has freaked me out. It’s a lovely song, but almost made me cry. I think it’s partly because I sometimes think what I’d do in that situation. But anyway, here it is:

So I’ve gone back to uni. Post Grad secondary teaching, english and history. I am so scared. But they said to do a blog, so I thought I’d update them both. I’m gonna try and keep them separate, but if anyone wants to see the other one it will be on edublogs. I haven’t created it yet so I cant send a link yet šŸ˜› It’s quite intense, so I’ll see how it goes. I really never thought I’d do this.

I have realised another way I can use this blog; I can go all fangirl here!

I have recently become slightly, ok maybe a bit more thanĀ  that, obsessed with Power Rangers RPM. I love this show! Particularly the character Ziggy, the green ranger. I think my sister and I have found everything Milo Cawthorne has ever done. If im wrong let me know šŸ˜› the best way I can describe him is awesomely goofy. Luv him! I just wish we could get our hands on some of the out takes of ad-libbing that Disney thought was ‘too candid’

Anyway, RPM. I have my ships all happily worked out. Ziggy/Dr K. Summer/Dillon and Flynn/Gemma. Idk who to ship Tenaya with, but I know there needs to be another girl or someone will be left out. It makes me sad that it’s probably the last season to be made in english, and even sadder that the RPM team probably wouldn’t come back even if they did make another english one.Ā  I have so many questions! Like how they’d use the super sentai footage to make such a season! I also want to know how the biofields would be affected by a pregnancy….

Gah! anywho, it seems like a good series this time. I enjoyed the writing, and the shiptease, and of course the wonderful fight scenes. something about them is cheesy but not too much. For me anyway. I’m disappointed I can’t find more fandom to lurk in tho, specifically forums or sites shipping Dr K and Ziggy, even icons and fancfic are scarce. I’ve actually written a bit of my own I’m that desparate! Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places šŸ˜¦

Anyway, I better go, start this other blog, and do uni work, ugh.



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