March 25, 2010 at 10:19 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Hey everyone!

I’m going quite insane! I am going to fail to submit a crucial assignment… on time! I’ll do it still, just not on time. What a start for my first assessment piece. And where am I? On my blog O.o great use of time huh.

But such is the nature of my alter ego, Fail!Sarah.

I have been working on the RPM sims and listening to the epic podcasts by “no pink spandex”. They’re good, I like ’em, but the go for ages! But, in that time I have worked out the garage layout from RPM footage and started to build it on sims. Bit proud of that, not of the time it took tho 😦

But why! Why this disobedience? Why this self-destruction? Why do I let myself do this? It’s so annoying! I am contradicting everything I know to do! grr *sigh* I think I will give up on finishing before the deadline.

Just to get it out of my head I will tell you something I realised a little while ago. Not sure if I’ve said it yet. To start, and this is disgusting, don’t say I didn’t warn you, I have had a problem with picking pimples. Before that I had a problem scratching flea bites. I didn’t make the connection till recently, but it pretty much the same thing!  I didn’t think there was a connection, I thought I managed to stop scratching, but turns out I never stopped! I want to stop but idk how 😦

And now I get distracted by the eleventh doctor promo! grr, ok, I have to get back to work. I’m  going to try to use Dr K as inspiration to keep going. See how that works.





  1. KatFish said,

    Meh, it’s only 10% a day. I’m sure you’ll do fine overall. 😛

    Hmmm with respect to the acne, I’ve finally begun to clear mine up by going paleo! It basically involves removing dairy, bread and grains from my diet. It sounds pretty extreme but it works. and just to name a few sites. I hope you like bacon and eggs. 😉

    You can rest assured that this lifestyle is supported by many years of evolution or if you don’t “believe” in evolution; medical science, doctors and common biological sense.

    Seriously, it is brilliant. I have plentiful energy and still can’t believe my acne is finally receding! w00t! I absolutely love reading the science behind it too. Especially with respect to the bimolecular science. mmm, this blooming interest in nutrition and physiology may even shape my future who knows 😉

    Anyways, I’ll be sure to subscribe to your blog. 😛

    • KatFish said,

      Smilies look better in text…………… grrrr. Sorry about my excessive use of the delightfull yellow circles.

    • cessy5 said,

      lol, 10% thats what i thought.
      um, thanks anyway, but the pimples dont quite work like that. it isnt acne as such, i dont really want to talk about it that much. i think the problem is more to do with my ablility to control myself.
      besides, while i live at home i will have what my parents cook. they have tried cooking differently but it never seems to stay that way 😛

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