Stickers and obscurity

April 21, 2010 at 10:04 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Hi everyone,

Is it that time already? Another blog post? Oh alright then.

I went a bit crazy today, I bought some stickers 😛 I wasn’t even looking, but it struck me; I’m in a school in less than a week, I need resources. So my first thing is stickers 🙂 I hope the students like ‘em. I quite happy I found pirate ones, and I figure I can say ninja ones are too sneaky 😛

Oh yeah, I’m going to *drum roll* Anglican Church Grammar School! Otherwise known as Churchie. LINK!

Its completely different to my high school, chalk and cheese, so im a bit intimidated. Rich might not be the word, higher socio-economic definitely, and the NAPLAN scores are much higher! It’s also all boys, so being a short, sort of quite girl is going to be, well, a huge learning curve.

On a similar note, women’s bible study is almost finished. We have been learning about covenant. It has been amazing. For me it hasn’t so much been ‘ah-ha!’ moments, more ‘oh yeah, of course’ reactions. It’s great to see how it all fits.

Ha, and a friend pointed something out to me the other day; I like obscure things. It got me wondering why that is. I think the best example of the craziness of it is my new found love of Korean pop. How is it different from pop from America, England and Australia? Surely there’s more to it than my ignorance of the lyrics and their meaning. Is it simply cos it’s from another country?

I stared wondering about all the things I like. Do I simply think these things deserve to be remembered, and who else will but me? do I get a kick out of knowing things other ppl don’t? or am I trying to champion the case of these because they are, idk, have some unrecognised brilliance that will only be discovered after I’m even dead. Like they are some kind of Renaissance painter. I have no answer, but I have something else to think about.

What else has happened? Um, my uncle came up from Adelaide, which was nice. Another friend left for America for 4 months, which was sad. Uni hasn’t been too bad either.

Ha, I better go. Nite



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Supanova 2010!

April 14, 2010 at 12:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, finally, the post about my big weekend. So firstly, there was an overdue assignment, supanova, 2 birthdays and karaoke. Now I have already talked about karaoke, so I will move on.

First birthday: was nice, really late night but great, not much too really say, except the place was really nice but a bit expensive, and the company was fun.

Next: Supanova! Was up at 6 to be there by 8 for the open at 10. When we got in line we were just around the corner. By 10 the line was down the street, across the road, around another corner and out of sight. Apparently both lines were like that O.o

Anyway, while we were in line we saw many interesting cosplays and things. Some of the highlights included standing next to a shy guy and a Dr Mario, seeing an Eva (Neon Genesis) and seeing a Stormtrooper get a hug from a free hugs guy.

Once we got in there were many amazing cosplay costumes. Some of my highlights were: the 5th Doctor, members of the Stargate team, no face from spirited away, various Ghostbusters, Dark Magician Girl, a group of pokemon (including Jigglypuff, Charmander, Squirtle, Cubone and Pikachu)  Yugi, Pegusus, Nick the Mysic Force Red Ranger (luv that guy!) Shaun from Shaun of the Dead and some guys dressed in Steam punk.

Ha, so we wandered around and did some shopping, got chased by a dalek and lived, and I got caught in the crowd in between Pikachu and Squirtle.   

The main attraction for me is the cosplay. Ppl are so passionate and they go to such lengths to recreate what can seem like an impossible costume. I’m particularly impressed when ppl choose something unusual or unexpected. I’m just annoyed I don’t know them all.

So anyway, first was the madman national comp. they were all great, and the winner was amazing, but one guy stood out. William and his bike. It was hilarious, he and the host kept bouncing off each other and it was great 🙂

Then they had technical difficulties, ugh. So they played us youtube clips, then the cosplay song 😀 But the clips, it was mad, we went crazy for keyboard cat! Of all things, ah, sometimes mob mentality is a strange thing. Somewhere in there we went crazy for a cute bunny!! Must love the cute! Must do it! Finally we saw the slap chop remix. That is crazy! It has the shamwow guy with a new product, the slap chop. Frankly I’m surprised I haven’t gone and bought one yet. LINK!

Sadly it went a bit long an kinda killed the mood. They also showed one making spam sandwiches, which was odd.

So finally we got to the massive amount of other cosplayers. Again, all great, but my highlights were: Abby from NCIS, All 9 sailor scouts, Kids playing The Riddler and Poison Ivy, GLaDOS, Karmen rider! Ho-oh, Alien (oh it was good!), Bayonetta (proving she can look awesome without huge boobs), Spirit (of course :), the Stig! A contamination guy from Monsters inc, and Rimmer from Red Dwarf with holo-virus.

So, after all that, it was time to go home. Got the train with 2 vocaloids and a Timelord, who knew Timelords took the train? Maybe he left his TARDIS somewhere. 😛

Next day my arms can out in allergy rash cos of the dagwood dog 😦

Somehow finished the bad English assignment for Monday, and back to uni. So there you go, lots of fun 😀



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April 9, 2010 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Hi everyone,

so, recently, avoiding the horrible english assignment that everyone is hating, I remembered the joys of Eurovision!

I really got into it last year. I particularly liked the entries by Greece, Moldova and of course the winning entry from Norway. there were others but I can’t remember them.

with all my assessment I havent had a chance to hear all the 2010 entries yet, but im getting there. they are currently in the semi-finals, but  im finding what I like from that. so far I like Lithuania (they have cool pants), Armenia, Albania and Greece. maybe Moldova. didn’t like the Irish entry, but the entry by Latvia is amusing 😛 with lyrics like “What for do people live until they die?” and “Only Mr God knows why” I cant help but love it but feel a bit sorry for it, but thats kinda why its awesome.

I have also discovered the joys of Korean karaoke and pop music 🙂 a girl from uni tried to organise a karaoke night but, being the day before assessment was due many of the people didn’t come. to be precise, there were 3 of us. the girl who organised it, myself and another guy who I’d seen around who i thinks a bit cute .  anyway, we had sushi, which I think im actually getting used to. I tried the shiitake mushroom one, which is another big thing for me. I hate mushrooms usually but this was ok. I got some chips after tho. so, karaoke. you get ur own room and its cool 🙂 cant wait to go back. Because the other 2 ppl with me were LOTE students they pulled out a few Korean and Japanese songs, it was so fun even tho I didn’t know what was happening. ah, good times 🙂

oh, and I’ve been running on coffee for the last, hmm, few days, and its set to run a bit more >:D

but now I must go, finish this horrible assignment. ugh, I wont get it done, but I got a big weekend so I need to use the time I have wisely, unlike I have been.



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