April 9, 2010 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Hi everyone,

so, recently, avoiding the horrible english assignment that everyone is hating, I remembered the joys of Eurovision!

I really got into it last year. I particularly liked the entries by Greece, Moldova and of course the winning entry from Norway. there were others but I can’t remember them.

with all my assessment I havent had a chance to hear all the 2010 entries yet, but im getting there. they are currently in the semi-finals, but  im finding what I like from that. so far I like Lithuania (they have cool pants), Armenia, Albania and Greece. maybe Moldova. didn’t like the Irish entry, but the entry by Latvia is amusing 😛 with lyrics like “What for do people live until they die?” and “Only Mr God knows why” I cant help but love it but feel a bit sorry for it, but thats kinda why its awesome.

I have also discovered the joys of Korean karaoke and pop music 🙂 a girl from uni tried to organise a karaoke night but, being the day before assessment was due many of the people didn’t come. to be precise, there were 3 of us. the girl who organised it, myself and another guy who I’d seen around who i thinks a bit cute .  anyway, we had sushi, which I think im actually getting used to. I tried the shiitake mushroom one, which is another big thing for me. I hate mushrooms usually but this was ok. I got some chips after tho. so, karaoke. you get ur own room and its cool 🙂 cant wait to go back. Because the other 2 ppl with me were LOTE students they pulled out a few Korean and Japanese songs, it was so fun even tho I didn’t know what was happening. ah, good times 🙂

oh, and I’ve been running on coffee for the last, hmm, few days, and its set to run a bit more >:D

but now I must go, finish this horrible assignment. ugh, I wont get it done, but I got a big weekend so I need to use the time I have wisely, unlike I have been.




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