Time effects some stuff

May 15, 2010 at 5:18 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Hi everyone,

This will be a long post. I have been planning since May 1st.  

Anyway, I’ll start with my first week of school 🙂 it was quite good. My teacher is very relaxed. Im worried I wont get the support I want, but I am trusting he will give me the support I need. I know I may well want more support than I need. But the boys are mostly good, I think have a few favourites, but I wont be giving them any different treatment, and I certainly don’t think to others in anyway lack potential or anything. I want to try to give all the boys equal attention, and make them all feel valued, even the quiet ones.   

Heres a thought I had the other day: why do we need arch support? I keep seeing shoe ads about it, but 2000 yrs ago I’m sure they didn’t have it, and they were fine. And I know our feet haven’t changed since then.

I know we can only know a small fraction of what there is to learn in this world, but just how small that is has been dawning on me in the last few weeks. There is so much we can’t know! How do we live knowing so little, I’m getting the feeling there is so many little things that, if we knew them, would make our lives so much better. But we don’t know cos we can’t. It humbles me.

I’m going to talk about my faith here, so yeah. I know I can’t stop you making comments about it, but please respect that this is what I believe.

Anyway, the knowledge thing really bothers me as a Christian who is still learning. I don’t hav all the answers yet and will get things wrong. That in itself annoys me, and while I know I will never get it all right, just how much I will get wrong is almost overwhelming. It makes me realise again just how much God guides my life.

I feel the same about this whole husband thing. Sometimes tho I think its easier to believe it wont happen than to wait for someone. I know im probably not ready for a husband but my brain (or is that heart) wont let it go. I keep second guessing. I think this best comes across if you understand my thought process. It goes like this; ok, so, I am attracted to nerds so I will marry a jock. And I am clumsy so my husband won’t be. but maybe we will be united by nerdy clumsiness. Hmmm. And so it continues like that.  I want and need to stop it! He will be as God intends and that is that! I need to stop trying to figure it out like some bad telemovie or something! Even if life can feel like that it doesn’t mean I can predict it using tropes and clichés! Ooh my brain can be so annoying sometimes.

My sis moved out the other week. I miss her.

There is a bit potential that my friend is leaving. As in working overseas. I need to get used to it. I think I might be distancing myself partly due to it, I hope he doesn’t think I’m hating him for other reasons. I wonder what will happen to our friendship. It scares me. He doesn’t keep in touch well. And humans forget. 

I have been thinking about globalisation recently, thanks to kpop and my discovery of ‘Die Roten Punkte’. They are apparently German but I’m suspicious, but my point remains the same. LINK!


Part of the attraction is that they are from another country and the cultural difference is interesting. But with my ability to access their culture they also hav access to mine. Will it blend? Will it all become unrecognisable?

I have also been listening to old recordings, 1950’s stuff. We have a lot of Pianola rolls and I’m trying to find recordings of all the songs. Here is one of my faves. LINK!   


I think it describes me well 😛

well, cya



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