What is more important, what society thinks a word means or what how the individual defines it? plus stuff

February 24, 2011 at 8:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello, welcome, I have a question,

What is more important, what society thinks a word means or what how the individual defines it? That is possibly the question that brought you here. I’m not sure what else could have brought you here, but please, tell me if it was something else. Well, haha! I will be giving my opinion at the end! You will need to read about random stuff first! or I guess you could scroll…but no! You can’t cos I say and it’s my blog so that counts! Ah whatever.

My blog is written awkwardly. I edit quite a lot, trying to implement the principles I learned at uni about writing. I’m thinking I shouldn’t do that so much. I should just write and enjoy doing that. I considered a word limit for about 1 minute, but I know I couldn’t come up with a number that I would find acceptable. All of that is why it takes so long for me to post, and I don’t like that. So now I hope to just try and write. It won’t always happen, but I want to try and post more for sure. 

I mentioned last time I have recently discovered I had a number of allergies. Technically they are food intolerances, but people understand what allergies are better so it can just be easier to call them that. So, my list of allergies:
Cow’s milk
And a proper allergy to dust mites.
Nice list isn’t it. It really sucks. Beef and potatoes! They are like my favourite foods! And I have always loved milk 😦 but I’m dealing with it. Potatoes and milk are hardest to overcome. I haven’t been satisfied with the substitutes. I can’t get over the sweetness in the sweet potatoes and I have never liked soy milk. Goat’s milk is too expensive to try. $4 for a litre! Ugh. I already have expensive, yeast- free bread. At least I can have a little bit sometimes.

So my birthday happened. It was a whole heap of fun 🙂 I sang at church in the morning and that was great. Then when Bec got home we went to the Mana Bar. I wore my new Decepticons shirt while Bec wore the Autobots one. The staff at the Mana Bar are truly amazing. They loved the shirts and that on top of that it was my birthday. My Tourette’s went largely, gloriously unnoticed, and at points even had fun with. I got free drinks and I got to chat to Yug. By that time thought I’d had quite enough to drink, and babbled about my boyfriend who he knows, but more about him later 😉 but at the end of the night it was sad, I had a Tourette’s tic and dropped my maccas cheeseburger! 😥 

Christmas and New Years happened too. There were meh, just meh. Nice but not huge, which is good some years really, like everyone else I spoke to about it.

Brisbane had a flood too. I was fortunate that, tho I am close, I was relatively unaffected. But as the huge weather/natural disaster nut I apparently am, I was watching all the footage. It was very surreal. I feel that my reaction was bizarre. I didn’t feel so bad, maybe because it was something people could be quite prepared for, while it would devastate property. I hope it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person 😦

Yes so, I have a boyfriend now, 100%, bona fide, anything else that means totally real, boyfriend. And he’s great. He’s a gamer, music lover and a few other wonderful things but most importantly for me; he’s a Christian. He wants to be so much for me, and I to him, it’s quite wonderfully scary. And at times just scary. But that he wants to do anything for me at all is enough for me now. I know things can change in all aspects, and who knows what will happen, but regardless of what happens he is an awesome guy, almost unbelievable. We both can’t believe what we have found. Thing is he lives in Adelaide. So I’m moving. He isn’t the only reason I’m going, but I like to think it’s a pretty decent reason in any case.

I still have no career ideas. It’s stupid, and I probably haven’t sat and thought about it enough, but yeah. Meh. I hope the move might help a bit.

Have you heard of enneagrams? It’s a personality test and I recently looked at where I fit in this. Now I don’t fully agree with personality tests but I see their usefulness and I do find them interesting. From what I can tell I am a type 6. Basically what that means is I am loyal but fearful. I want to be secure but this security must be tested and, in a way, is always uncertain. These things I can identify with very much. If you really want to know more look it up. If I type the rest I’m sure it will just sound like I’m looking for sympathy.

Finally, the question, what is more important, what society thinks a word means or what how the individual defines it? Well, my answer is this. It is important what society thinks, and I think this is it because it is all about communication. The individual wants to communicate with society; it must be in a way for society to understand. If not communication fails, unless that was somehow the aim. Of course, different societies have different ways of defining words, but that’s just getting tricky. As a purely binary question, I’d say society.

I guess the problem is how do we ensure that something means the same to everyone? I consider this an impossibility.




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