Power Ranger RPM:Questions

So, here are some of the questions I would want answered in the unlikely event Power Rangers RPM came back with the same cast. 

  • what happened to Venjix?
  • what everyone’s names are; Dillon and Tenaya’s, Dr K, Gem and Gemma (assuming that is their real names)
  • where did Dillon and the girls go? what did they find?
  • did anyone else survive? in, idk, little cabins or something?
  • how would they use the sentai footage?
  • how does Dr K and Ziggy’s school work?
  • how are all the couples doing?
  • can we have more story for Summer, Flynn and the Boom twins?
  • can we learn more about Alphabet soup ie how can they kidnap kids?!?!
  • will Ziggy ever get a car?
  • who will Tanaya be canon with? Gem or Scott? and what will happen to the ‘leftover’? maybe a descendant of Tommy?
  • will Tenaya go blind again?
  • how will the human race be doing?

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