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Hi everyone,

As usually this has taken quite a while. With uni prac and everything I couldn’t get to writing. But, here it is now 😀

Prac was really hard for me. The school was fine, I just need to learn a LOT. My Tourette’s wasn’t an issue most of the time, apart from my prac teacher asking about it, but that was ok 😛 But I was so exhausted. One thing I started to think about at that time was teaching vs. tutoring. I was quite good at tutoring. Both are unique, but is there one that is better?

With teaching you are teaching a group, so there is less need to employ teachers. But then the risk is that the teacher can’t cater to all the kids needs. With tutoring you can make smaller groups and cater to different needs better, but it costs money to employ those teachers. Not to mention infrastructure. But how does it prepare them for life? Society is very bad at catering for individual need, should school be a place they learn this and the ways they can adapt? Or should they get that specialised teaching. That way teachers can make sure students know the basics they need to know to live in the world and get the best skills to start with, then they can learn to adapt. And perhaps some kids learn better in a group that individually. Maybe it helps them learn the importance of diversity? Which ever is ultimately better, I think nothing will change. Problems concerning infrastructure, money, teacher training, would make it tricky to change to tutoring despite any evidence in favour of it. Still, an interesting thought.    

Next topic, Eurovision. This was held a loong time ago now, but I still want to mention it. I worked the night of the actual Eurovision 😦 but I know about how it kinda went down. My song “Eastern European Funk” didn’t win, but I was happy with the winner “Satellite” by Lena link.


 Mr God didn’t make it to the finals 😦 but I guess that’s really is a good thing. The other thing about this year is it wasn’t as crazy as previous years. Whether it’s the economic situation or something else, it’s sad the craziness was lacking.   

Something that is craziness is my addiction to tgwtg (http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/) I love the Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Marzgurl, Todd in the Shadows and no doubt I will love more, but I want to tell you about Linkara.

He does these amazing reviews of comic books and stuff. Now, I’ve never really read comic books because I’m a stickler for continuity and there is A LOT in comic books. But his reviews are about the bad comics, and it’s wonderful. He likes many things I do too, Dr Who, MST3K, Power Rangers& Monty Python. I stumbled across him on tgwtg through his Power Rangers season analyses. I love them so much; critical analysis is so fun, especially on pop culture and something people wouldn’t expect. Something else I find intriguing, apparently he’s a Christian! I have found that he is non denominational, but that’s as much as I was willing to ask (yes I emailed him :P) I still wonder if a Christian should spend his time in such a way tho. 

As for my own Power Rangers project, I still don’t have pics for you of the garage. 😦 But my sister and I have started buying merch. Being in Oz I have discovered we suck for pr merch. Rpm merch only came out about July, ages after the series finished airing. Before that all I could find was an over drive morpher O.o. as of now we haven’t seen summer’s figurine let alone the boom twins, but we have a normal morpher, normal figures for blue red and black, and a stranger one for green. We have seen some mini zord things, but because they had these annoying little zords that weren’t in the series, and we needed to keep our money, we didn’t get them. I find it so annoying to get the red cell we have to but the megazord 😡

In relation to this I have been wondering; is it possible to be a geek/nerd and a Christian? I know geeks and nerds aren’t the same thing, but I think the principle applies to both, and to any enthusiasts of a specific thing, but there are specific issues associated with geekery that I want to explore. I will work on this for a later post, but just thought I’d mention it.

On a serious note, Dad had a bad accident the other day. He’s been thinking a lot about his own mortality and the people he misses too. He’s saying he’ll give up his current job too, somehow I believe him this time. Its times like this I am sadden more for him; he still hasn’t fully admitted he sees the work of God in his life. He wasn’t injured in the crash (apart from whiplash) and apparently, according to the police, it’s lucky he wasn’t much worse. Luck had nothing to do with it tho. 

Well, that’s enough for now, I’d better go do uni assignments *rolls eyes* 



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Time effects some stuff

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Hi everyone,

This will be a long post. I have been planning since May 1st.  

Anyway, I’ll start with my first week of school 🙂 it was quite good. My teacher is very relaxed. Im worried I wont get the support I want, but I am trusting he will give me the support I need. I know I may well want more support than I need. But the boys are mostly good, I think have a few favourites, but I wont be giving them any different treatment, and I certainly don’t think to others in anyway lack potential or anything. I want to try to give all the boys equal attention, and make them all feel valued, even the quiet ones.   

Heres a thought I had the other day: why do we need arch support? I keep seeing shoe ads about it, but 2000 yrs ago I’m sure they didn’t have it, and they were fine. And I know our feet haven’t changed since then.

I know we can only know a small fraction of what there is to learn in this world, but just how small that is has been dawning on me in the last few weeks. There is so much we can’t know! How do we live knowing so little, I’m getting the feeling there is so many little things that, if we knew them, would make our lives so much better. But we don’t know cos we can’t. It humbles me.

I’m going to talk about my faith here, so yeah. I know I can’t stop you making comments about it, but please respect that this is what I believe.

Anyway, the knowledge thing really bothers me as a Christian who is still learning. I don’t hav all the answers yet and will get things wrong. That in itself annoys me, and while I know I will never get it all right, just how much I will get wrong is almost overwhelming. It makes me realise again just how much God guides my life.

I feel the same about this whole husband thing. Sometimes tho I think its easier to believe it wont happen than to wait for someone. I know im probably not ready for a husband but my brain (or is that heart) wont let it go. I keep second guessing. I think this best comes across if you understand my thought process. It goes like this; ok, so, I am attracted to nerds so I will marry a jock. And I am clumsy so my husband won’t be. but maybe we will be united by nerdy clumsiness. Hmmm. And so it continues like that.  I want and need to stop it! He will be as God intends and that is that! I need to stop trying to figure it out like some bad telemovie or something! Even if life can feel like that it doesn’t mean I can predict it using tropes and clichés! Ooh my brain can be so annoying sometimes.

My sis moved out the other week. I miss her.

There is a bit potential that my friend is leaving. As in working overseas. I need to get used to it. I think I might be distancing myself partly due to it, I hope he doesn’t think I’m hating him for other reasons. I wonder what will happen to our friendship. It scares me. He doesn’t keep in touch well. And humans forget. 

I have been thinking about globalisation recently, thanks to kpop and my discovery of ‘Die Roten Punkte’. They are apparently German but I’m suspicious, but my point remains the same. LINK!


Part of the attraction is that they are from another country and the cultural difference is interesting. But with my ability to access their culture they also hav access to mine. Will it blend? Will it all become unrecognisable?

I have also been listening to old recordings, 1950’s stuff. We have a lot of Pianola rolls and I’m trying to find recordings of all the songs. Here is one of my faves. LINK!   


I think it describes me well 😛

well, cya


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Hi everyone,

so, recently, avoiding the horrible english assignment that everyone is hating, I remembered the joys of Eurovision!

I really got into it last year. I particularly liked the entries by Greece, Moldova and of course the winning entry from Norway. there were others but I can’t remember them.

with all my assessment I havent had a chance to hear all the 2010 entries yet, but im getting there. they are currently in the semi-finals, but  im finding what I like from that. so far I like Lithuania (they have cool pants), Armenia, Albania and Greece. maybe Moldova. didn’t like the Irish entry, but the entry by Latvia is amusing 😛 with lyrics like “What for do people live until they die?” and “Only Mr God knows why” I cant help but love it but feel a bit sorry for it, but thats kinda why its awesome.

I have also discovered the joys of Korean karaoke and pop music 🙂 a girl from uni tried to organise a karaoke night but, being the day before assessment was due many of the people didn’t come. to be precise, there were 3 of us. the girl who organised it, myself and another guy who I’d seen around who i thinks a bit cute .  anyway, we had sushi, which I think im actually getting used to. I tried the shiitake mushroom one, which is another big thing for me. I hate mushrooms usually but this was ok. I got some chips after tho. so, karaoke. you get ur own room and its cool 🙂 cant wait to go back. Because the other 2 ppl with me were LOTE students they pulled out a few Korean and Japanese songs, it was so fun even tho I didn’t know what was happening. ah, good times 🙂

oh, and I’ve been running on coffee for the last, hmm, few days, and its set to run a bit more >:D

but now I must go, finish this horrible assignment. ugh, I wont get it done, but I got a big weekend so I need to use the time I have wisely, unlike I have been.



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Freaky Music 2 plus other stuff

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Ha Ha!

I’m back! kinda.

First off, as the title suggests, I have another song that has freaked me out. It’s a lovely song, but almost made me cry. I think it’s partly because I sometimes think what I’d do in that situation. But anyway, here it is:

So I’ve gone back to uni. Post Grad secondary teaching, english and history. I am so scared. But they said to do a blog, so I thought I’d update them both. I’m gonna try and keep them separate, but if anyone wants to see the other one it will be on edublogs. I haven’t created it yet so I cant send a link yet 😛 It’s quite intense, so I’ll see how it goes. I really never thought I’d do this.

I have realised another way I can use this blog; I can go all fangirl here!

I have recently become slightly, ok maybe a bit more than  that, obsessed with Power Rangers RPM. I love this show! Particularly the character Ziggy, the green ranger. I think my sister and I have found everything Milo Cawthorne has ever done. If im wrong let me know 😛 the best way I can describe him is awesomely goofy. Luv him! I just wish we could get our hands on some of the out takes of ad-libbing that Disney thought was ‘too candid’

Anyway, RPM. I have my ships all happily worked out. Ziggy/Dr K. Summer/Dillon and Flynn/Gemma. Idk who to ship Tenaya with, but I know there needs to be another girl or someone will be left out. It makes me sad that it’s probably the last season to be made in english, and even sadder that the RPM team probably wouldn’t come back even if they did make another english one.  I have so many questions! Like how they’d use the super sentai footage to make such a season! I also want to know how the biofields would be affected by a pregnancy….

Gah! anywho, it seems like a good series this time. I enjoyed the writing, and the shiptease, and of course the wonderful fight scenes. something about them is cheesy but not too much. For me anyway. I’m disappointed I can’t find more fandom to lurk in tho, specifically forums or sites shipping Dr K and Ziggy, even icons and fancfic are scarce. I’ve actually written a bit of my own I’m that desparate! Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places 😦

Anyway, I better go, start this other blog, and do uni work, ugh.



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Freaky songs 1

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hey there!

this is the first post about things that freak me. in particular, this post will be about a film clip that creeps me out sooo much. this will also be my first post in which i will attempt to imbed (is that the word?) a video! so bear with me.

the song in question is called ‘transdermal celebrations’ by ween. it is a beautiful song, and the meaning is debated. from what i understand from my brief google search its apocalyptic, or an acid trip, or (my fav suggestion) the crazy dreams that nicotine patches give you.  it has that atonal crunch in the verses that resolves so nicely to a smooth chorus. and it just sounds melancholy, i am such a sucker for melancholy.  that sound makes me i feel like i could close my eyes and cry, just cry, not about anything, just let it come.  i would love to do that so much. but i cant.

but, the film clip is the thing that grabs my core and gently threatens to rip it out.

natural disasters are kinda expected, there is a certain amount of big events you can perceive happening, but becoming a tree? and something humanity cant win? and bringing that feeling down to a personal level through an individual character? too much for my mind!

hope u enjoyed that 🙂


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More days, including Dreamworld!

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I have had a big couple of days. I wanted to do a proper, detailed thing but I think i’ll run out of time.

first off; Dreamworld monday 

log ride first, it was fun, got wet and took forever to dry because i was in jeans. one guy got his phone wet, but it seemed like it could be saved.  

i finally went on the tower of terror. it was strange, the initial push was bad, then i got used to it and opened my eyes, then we went upo and it just felt like taking off in a plane, which was enough to think about it at the time. i also had time to realies we were about to fall back and scream “dont go back” a few times. we were almost tiger chow, they had t use the air brakes cos the other brakes failed! and after, the biggest shakey thing was in the back of my neck, it didnt resolve enough either. i guess i could do it again but its not something i enjoyed. oh and we all felt sick after and went to hav lunch. 

Lou and i got our faces painted, it was so good, the girl did such a good job, and she seemed like a pretty cool persone herself. unfortunately her helper wasnt the best, nice too but not in a fairylike way. more like a bummed out teen.      

i got wet again on the rapid ride, which i love, and my bag, that didnt leak in the log ride, had a tiny leak. it was major thankfully.  

my final ride was the mike doohan one. it was alright too, but too short and too hard to find the line.  

then we went to see tranfromers and hyear one. at the end of it, just before the big battle, the projector broke. which really helped at the movie when it got cold. but the dew fell at night too. it was really cold 😦  

other highlights of the week; i voted in the  hottest 100. i shouldnt have left it too late because my list isnt perfect at all. it was so hard, and not as diverse as i would have liked.

the list is:

1. Golden Brown – The Stranglers
. Take 5 – Dave Brubeck Quartet
. Wonderwall – Oasis
. I’m all for believing – Missy Higgins
. I wish that I was beautiful for you – Darren Hanlon
. Gorecki – Lamb
. This mess we’re in – Thom Yorke and PJ Harvey
. Jesus was way cool – King Missile
. Another one bites the dust – Queen
. Ch-check it out – Beastie Boys

then i got over excited at Fun in the Parks (google it) because we have new songs! we havent had new ones since i started 4 years ago! later that day i got even more excited because one of the songs was from Lift Off, an ABC kids show from the 90’s! please google if you don’t know/remember. i even had tears of joy.   

and today i had a lovely coffee with a friend i hadnt seen for a while.

and theres the call for dinner, i shall edit this with proper spelling etc later. i believe i can do that, if not, i hope you enoyed this mish mash and could understand some of it

Thanks for reading


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