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Hi everyone,

As usually this has taken quite a while. With uni prac and everything I couldn’t get to writing. But, here it is now 😀

Prac was really hard for me. The school was fine, I just need to learn a LOT. My Tourette’s wasn’t an issue most of the time, apart from my prac teacher asking about it, but that was ok 😛 But I was so exhausted. One thing I started to think about at that time was teaching vs. tutoring. I was quite good at tutoring. Both are unique, but is there one that is better?

With teaching you are teaching a group, so there is less need to employ teachers. But then the risk is that the teacher can’t cater to all the kids needs. With tutoring you can make smaller groups and cater to different needs better, but it costs money to employ those teachers. Not to mention infrastructure. But how does it prepare them for life? Society is very bad at catering for individual need, should school be a place they learn this and the ways they can adapt? Or should they get that specialised teaching. That way teachers can make sure students know the basics they need to know to live in the world and get the best skills to start with, then they can learn to adapt. And perhaps some kids learn better in a group that individually. Maybe it helps them learn the importance of diversity? Which ever is ultimately better, I think nothing will change. Problems concerning infrastructure, money, teacher training, would make it tricky to change to tutoring despite any evidence in favour of it. Still, an interesting thought.    

Next topic, Eurovision. This was held a loong time ago now, but I still want to mention it. I worked the night of the actual Eurovision 😦 but I know about how it kinda went down. My song “Eastern European Funk” didn’t win, but I was happy with the winner “Satellite” by Lena link.


 Mr God didn’t make it to the finals 😦 but I guess that’s really is a good thing. The other thing about this year is it wasn’t as crazy as previous years. Whether it’s the economic situation or something else, it’s sad the craziness was lacking.   

Something that is craziness is my addiction to tgwtg (http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/) I love the Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Marzgurl, Todd in the Shadows and no doubt I will love more, but I want to tell you about Linkara.

He does these amazing reviews of comic books and stuff. Now, I’ve never really read comic books because I’m a stickler for continuity and there is A LOT in comic books. But his reviews are about the bad comics, and it’s wonderful. He likes many things I do too, Dr Who, MST3K, Power Rangers& Monty Python. I stumbled across him on tgwtg through his Power Rangers season analyses. I love them so much; critical analysis is so fun, especially on pop culture and something people wouldn’t expect. Something else I find intriguing, apparently he’s a Christian! I have found that he is non denominational, but that’s as much as I was willing to ask (yes I emailed him :P) I still wonder if a Christian should spend his time in such a way tho. 

As for my own Power Rangers project, I still don’t have pics for you of the garage. 😦 But my sister and I have started buying merch. Being in Oz I have discovered we suck for pr merch. Rpm merch only came out about July, ages after the series finished airing. Before that all I could find was an over drive morpher O.o. as of now we haven’t seen summer’s figurine let alone the boom twins, but we have a normal morpher, normal figures for blue red and black, and a stranger one for green. We have seen some mini zord things, but because they had these annoying little zords that weren’t in the series, and we needed to keep our money, we didn’t get them. I find it so annoying to get the red cell we have to but the megazord 😡

In relation to this I have been wondering; is it possible to be a geek/nerd and a Christian? I know geeks and nerds aren’t the same thing, but I think the principle applies to both, and to any enthusiasts of a specific thing, but there are specific issues associated with geekery that I want to explore. I will work on this for a later post, but just thought I’d mention it.

On a serious note, Dad had a bad accident the other day. He’s been thinking a lot about his own mortality and the people he misses too. He’s saying he’ll give up his current job too, somehow I believe him this time. Its times like this I am sadden more for him; he still hasn’t fully admitted he sees the work of God in his life. He wasn’t injured in the crash (apart from whiplash) and apparently, according to the police, it’s lucky he wasn’t much worse. Luck had nothing to do with it tho. 

Well, that’s enough for now, I’d better go do uni assignments *rolls eyes* 



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