What happened to Uni 2010

November 18, 2010 at 8:07 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Hi everyone,


So, yet again another post and lots of change has happened. First and arguably the biggest is that uni is finished! However, I didn’t finish my degree 😦. I deferred. 


I was placed at a great school close to me but I think I just stressed out to much. I was having trouble working on lesson plans and felt physically ill. I just couldn’t get my mind to focus on what I needed to do. I didn’t want to let anyone down, especially the teachers who I was so thankful for letting me into their classrooms and the kids for putting up with me. I felt bad to because I knew other people who thought they felt the same, was I just not strong enough? Surely I can do anything. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, or I didn’t ask for enough help. Is it that I am too selfish? Unable to put away little things that I wanted to do? Letting myself get distracted? I would say one of these things distracting me was quite significant but idk, maybe it could have waited? Bah.


Another thing that had been weighing on me was that I may have started for the wrong reasons. In my mind it isn’t why you start that is most important, but why you keep going. I think I had been struggling to find that reason and I just wasn’t really having fun. I think there was still potential for me to have fun, but it just hadn’t happened at that point when I felt I needed to make my decision.


I began to form the view that I need to learn how to live with normal stresses of life before adding stuff like the stresses of teaching. This might seem a little strange to some (like my dad) but here is my thinking. I will always have a house, a job, probably a car and family and all the stresses that come with that. I want to be able to figure out how to do those basic things before I deal with a highly involved job like teaching, which is hard and often thankless.


Another part of my reasoning is its impact on my Christian life. From the start I never really had a peace that it was the will of God. On a daily level I didn’t get time in the Word and in prayer like I knew I needed to be. It is the priority in my life and not being able to do what I consider to be the basics of my faith really upset me.


In the end I was surprised at how well everyone took my decision and how supportive they were. My dad was having issues of his own and didn’t take it all well. Because of that he said some hurtful things but that is all I will say on that. I am so thankful for all the people who would tell me about the courage it took to make my decision and that it was a good step.


I’m not sure what I will do now, or if I will even go back. It’s time to think a bit about what I will do next.


So, after that massive piece of info, I also got my first massage ever. Different experience that’s for sure. I wonderful woman from church offered to do it for me so I took the chance. It was like an all over massage and it was amazing. As it was my first time I had trouble relaxing, even when I managed it I was so tense! Up around my shoulders especially. When she was massaging the worst pain was in my shoulders, elbows and my lower inner thighs. And she was only giving me a relaxing massage! Since the experience different parts of my body have been making their present known. First were my arms when I went to roll over. They felt heavy and moved weirdly. Then my left knee was sore driving home which was uncomfortable. While I was trying to sleep my back and hips kinda gave me issues and the next day  my hips were a bit strange, but I think that’s partly because my computer chair sux. My left shoulder was a bit painful sometimes too.  UPDATE:  I actually have a bruise on my shoulder!



Finally, emerging news on the relationship front. First you will need some back-story. Because I was busy, and just plain forgot…somehow, I went to a wedding in July. It was interstate and I had lots of fun and met a lot of great people. One person in particular seemed to think I was interesting to, for some reason. But I came back to my state expecting to hear nothing more about it. Shock horror he actually texted me! Well I never. We started to chat online and I set out with the intention of being a friend and a friend only. I can’t explain how things changed but we are at a stage now where, once we get some stuff sorted out, we will be together :D. I say this with a regrettable grain of salt as I am still kinda scared about it all and I guess I’m still guarding myself a bit from potential hurt. But as with most things time will tell.


Oh yeah, and I went to that allergist and found I’m allergic to a bunch of stuff. I hope to post that experience later.


Ha, so that’s been my life for the last little bit. Later 😉




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A collections of thoughts and discoveries

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Hi everyone,

As usually this has taken quite a while. With uni prac and everything I couldn’t get to writing. But, here it is now 😀

Prac was really hard for me. The school was fine, I just need to learn a LOT. My Tourette’s wasn’t an issue most of the time, apart from my prac teacher asking about it, but that was ok 😛 But I was so exhausted. One thing I started to think about at that time was teaching vs. tutoring. I was quite good at tutoring. Both are unique, but is there one that is better?

With teaching you are teaching a group, so there is less need to employ teachers. But then the risk is that the teacher can’t cater to all the kids needs. With tutoring you can make smaller groups and cater to different needs better, but it costs money to employ those teachers. Not to mention infrastructure. But how does it prepare them for life? Society is very bad at catering for individual need, should school be a place they learn this and the ways they can adapt? Or should they get that specialised teaching. That way teachers can make sure students know the basics they need to know to live in the world and get the best skills to start with, then they can learn to adapt. And perhaps some kids learn better in a group that individually. Maybe it helps them learn the importance of diversity? Which ever is ultimately better, I think nothing will change. Problems concerning infrastructure, money, teacher training, would make it tricky to change to tutoring despite any evidence in favour of it. Still, an interesting thought.    

Next topic, Eurovision. This was held a loong time ago now, but I still want to mention it. I worked the night of the actual Eurovision 😦 but I know about how it kinda went down. My song “Eastern European Funk” didn’t win, but I was happy with the winner “Satellite” by Lena link.


 Mr God didn’t make it to the finals 😦 but I guess that’s really is a good thing. The other thing about this year is it wasn’t as crazy as previous years. Whether it’s the economic situation or something else, it’s sad the craziness was lacking.   

Something that is craziness is my addiction to tgwtg (http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/) I love the Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Marzgurl, Todd in the Shadows and no doubt I will love more, but I want to tell you about Linkara.

He does these amazing reviews of comic books and stuff. Now, I’ve never really read comic books because I’m a stickler for continuity and there is A LOT in comic books. But his reviews are about the bad comics, and it’s wonderful. He likes many things I do too, Dr Who, MST3K, Power Rangers& Monty Python. I stumbled across him on tgwtg through his Power Rangers season analyses. I love them so much; critical analysis is so fun, especially on pop culture and something people wouldn’t expect. Something else I find intriguing, apparently he’s a Christian! I have found that he is non denominational, but that’s as much as I was willing to ask (yes I emailed him :P) I still wonder if a Christian should spend his time in such a way tho. 

As for my own Power Rangers project, I still don’t have pics for you of the garage. 😦 But my sister and I have started buying merch. Being in Oz I have discovered we suck for pr merch. Rpm merch only came out about July, ages after the series finished airing. Before that all I could find was an over drive morpher O.o. as of now we haven’t seen summer’s figurine let alone the boom twins, but we have a normal morpher, normal figures for blue red and black, and a stranger one for green. We have seen some mini zord things, but because they had these annoying little zords that weren’t in the series, and we needed to keep our money, we didn’t get them. I find it so annoying to get the red cell we have to but the megazord 😡

In relation to this I have been wondering; is it possible to be a geek/nerd and a Christian? I know geeks and nerds aren’t the same thing, but I think the principle applies to both, and to any enthusiasts of a specific thing, but there are specific issues associated with geekery that I want to explore. I will work on this for a later post, but just thought I’d mention it.

On a serious note, Dad had a bad accident the other day. He’s been thinking a lot about his own mortality and the people he misses too. He’s saying he’ll give up his current job too, somehow I believe him this time. Its times like this I am sadden more for him; he still hasn’t fully admitted he sees the work of God in his life. He wasn’t injured in the crash (apart from whiplash) and apparently, according to the police, it’s lucky he wasn’t much worse. Luck had nothing to do with it tho. 

Well, that’s enough for now, I’d better go do uni assignments *rolls eyes* 


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Stickers and obscurity

April 21, 2010 at 10:04 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Hi everyone,

Is it that time already? Another blog post? Oh alright then.

I went a bit crazy today, I bought some stickers 😛 I wasn’t even looking, but it struck me; I’m in a school in less than a week, I need resources. So my first thing is stickers 🙂 I hope the students like ‘em. I quite happy I found pirate ones, and I figure I can say ninja ones are too sneaky 😛

Oh yeah, I’m going to *drum roll* Anglican Church Grammar School! Otherwise known as Churchie. LINK!


Its completely different to my high school, chalk and cheese, so im a bit intimidated. Rich might not be the word, higher socio-economic definitely, and the NAPLAN scores are much higher! It’s also all boys, so being a short, sort of quite girl is going to be, well, a huge learning curve.

On a similar note, women’s bible study is almost finished. We have been learning about covenant. It has been amazing. For me it hasn’t so much been ‘ah-ha!’ moments, more ‘oh yeah, of course’ reactions. It’s great to see how it all fits.

Ha, and a friend pointed something out to me the other day; I like obscure things. It got me wondering why that is. I think the best example of the craziness of it is my new found love of Korean pop. How is it different from pop from America, England and Australia? Surely there’s more to it than my ignorance of the lyrics and their meaning. Is it simply cos it’s from another country?

I stared wondering about all the things I like. Do I simply think these things deserve to be remembered, and who else will but me? do I get a kick out of knowing things other ppl don’t? or am I trying to champion the case of these because they are, idk, have some unrecognised brilliance that will only be discovered after I’m even dead. Like they are some kind of Renaissance painter. I have no answer, but I have something else to think about.

What else has happened? Um, my uncle came up from Adelaide, which was nice. Another friend left for America for 4 months, which was sad. Uni hasn’t been too bad either.

Ha, I better go. Nite


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April 9, 2010 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Hi everyone,

so, recently, avoiding the horrible english assignment that everyone is hating, I remembered the joys of Eurovision!

I really got into it last year. I particularly liked the entries by Greece, Moldova and of course the winning entry from Norway. there were others but I can’t remember them.

with all my assessment I havent had a chance to hear all the 2010 entries yet, but im getting there. they are currently in the semi-finals, but  im finding what I like from that. so far I like Lithuania (they have cool pants), Armenia, Albania and Greece. maybe Moldova. didn’t like the Irish entry, but the entry by Latvia is amusing 😛 with lyrics like “What for do people live until they die?” and “Only Mr God knows why” I cant help but love it but feel a bit sorry for it, but thats kinda why its awesome.

I have also discovered the joys of Korean karaoke and pop music 🙂 a girl from uni tried to organise a karaoke night but, being the day before assessment was due many of the people didn’t come. to be precise, there were 3 of us. the girl who organised it, myself and another guy who I’d seen around who i thinks a bit cute .  anyway, we had sushi, which I think im actually getting used to. I tried the shiitake mushroom one, which is another big thing for me. I hate mushrooms usually but this was ok. I got some chips after tho. so, karaoke. you get ur own room and its cool 🙂 cant wait to go back. Because the other 2 ppl with me were LOTE students they pulled out a few Korean and Japanese songs, it was so fun even tho I didn’t know what was happening. ah, good times 🙂

oh, and I’ve been running on coffee for the last, hmm, few days, and its set to run a bit more >:D

but now I must go, finish this horrible assignment. ugh, I wont get it done, but I got a big weekend so I need to use the time I have wisely, unlike I have been.



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Some Stuff Happened

March 30, 2010 at 9:07 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Hey hey!

So I finally finished my assignment and handed it in finally 🙂 it sucked, really bad, way under word limit, but in. Proquest is annoying tho. I sent myself some articles on friday but only got them monday morning. it’s email! it doesn’t wait for the weekend. it was too late once I got them.

unfortunately, due to exam stress and eating yeast (im allergic to yeast mum bought pizza friday, why is it so tasty) I have now come out in an itchy rash on one leg 😦 it’s so annoying!! and just on one leg!

the rpm garage is almost finished, just working out rooms. None of the shots really show the upper levels well so I mostly had to guess. screen shots are on their way! soon I promise.

does anyone remember “My best friend is an alien” otherwise known as “I was a sixth grade alien”. I cant find any footage to post, but Michael Cera is in it. I wanted to do a comparison, it would be so funny 🙂 he’s grown so much.

well, better go, stuff to do. not much else to say, cya


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March 25, 2010 at 10:19 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Hey everyone!

I’m going quite insane! I am going to fail to submit a crucial assignment… on time! I’ll do it still, just not on time. What a start for my first assessment piece. And where am I? On my blog O.o great use of time huh.

But such is the nature of my alter ego, Fail!Sarah.

I have been working on the RPM sims and listening to the epic podcasts by “no pink spandex”. They’re good, I like ’em, but the go for ages! But, in that time I have worked out the garage layout from RPM footage and started to build it on sims. Bit proud of that, not of the time it took tho 😦

But why! Why this disobedience? Why this self-destruction? Why do I let myself do this? It’s so annoying! I am contradicting everything I know to do! grr *sigh* I think I will give up on finishing before the deadline.

Just to get it out of my head I will tell you something I realised a little while ago. Not sure if I’ve said it yet. To start, and this is disgusting, don’t say I didn’t warn you, I have had a problem with picking pimples. Before that I had a problem scratching flea bites. I didn’t make the connection till recently, but it pretty much the same thing!  I didn’t think there was a connection, I thought I managed to stop scratching, but turns out I never stopped! I want to stop but idk how 😦

And now I get distracted by the eleventh doctor promo! grr, ok, I have to get back to work. I’m  going to try to use Dr K as inspiration to keep going. See how that works.



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2 Projects of Differing Importance

March 22, 2010 at 8:34 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Hey again,

I won’t be long, not too much to say today, working on 2 ‘projects’. As I eluded to in the title, they are quite different; one is a uni assignment, the other is beginning another Sims 3 theme game. And guess where I’ve been spending my time! I’ll tell you a bit about each project.

The assignment, 50% history one. Thats all I can say, because I have been really slack, as usual.
The themed game (which will be one of many) is Power Rangers RPM. The community will include 3 houses. The Rangers will be in the active house with Dr K. Colonal Truman and his 2 helpers will be in another. The final house will have Venjix, Tenaya, the 3 general and a grinder. I am very excited about it, but it’s taking more time than I have. I will add pics and details when I can.

But as I said, I must go, I don’t have time to write that much 😦

I will write again tomorrow night.


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